Monday, June 6, 2011

Jumping off point...

Welcome to Inside OSG Ops, a place for stories revolving around the Operations services, events, and people that make up OSG Operations.

I'm going to start out the new blog talking about the recent upgrade to the CERN Top-Level BDII, how it affected OSG Ops, and it's status as of today. A few weeks ago OSG Ops got wind of a WLCG Top-Level BDII Upgrade via the daily WLCG Ops call. At this time of reporting this upgrade (May, 12th) the change date was already quite near (May, 17th). This left a Friday and Monday to test. This led to a quite extensive debugging ticket opened on May, 13th when FNAL did not appear in the test systems.

Due to this testing the release was delayed May, 26th. Though the initial discrepancies were never identified it was determined the upgrade was not the cause of the issue reported. Due to the fact we've never identified was caused the issue, or what the solution was the GOC implemented ongoing testing to determine if the WLCG Top-Level BDII or the OSG BDIIs drop any resources from reporting. Here is a recent visualization that shows the BDII stability over the past several days.

As always, we'll keep watch for any unusual activity.

Rob Quick
OSG Operations Coordinator

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