Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 OSG Summer School

Last month I had the privilege to attend 2011 OSG Summer School in Madison Wisconsin with a group of select professionals from various countries around the world. My expectation of the class was at the very least, to gain a better understanding of the users perspective on the OSG. I thought that if I could fully experience the user side of OSG, I'd be able to offer even better assistance in resolving issues that are presented to the members of the GOC on a daily basis.

One of the many benefits of attending 2011 OSG Summer School was the opportunity to personally meet all those associated with the OSG face-to-face in Madison. Miron Livny, Alain Roy, Tim Cartwright and Sarah Cushing were all very cordial and highly attentive to the needs of the students and visitors. I really liked the structure of the classes with equal emphasis on lecture and hands on sessions. It divided the day nicely allowing for interaction with my fellow students. For me, the 2 most enjoyable parts of 2011 OSG Summer School were the presentation by Miron Livny and the High-Throughput Computing Showcase. Miron's lecture on HTC which included a little history lesson helped paint a clearer picture in my mind of the OSG. The High-Throughput Computing Showcase invited four presenters (two faculty, two grad students) from different University of Wisconsin labs that make extensive use of local HTC resources and/or OSG. They shared a brief background of their work and how much of a role OSG has aided them in obtaining their goals as scientists. I found the presentations to be very exciting and informative. I've gained a deeper appreciation for the OSG and the collaborators that have worked together in making such an impact on the world we live in.

With a fuller knowledge of each step in submitting a job to the grid, I will be able to efficiently assess the the many issues a user may encounter and provide a solution or direction with greater accuracy. I'll also be able to provide the users assistance with a multitude of tools and technologies, and assist them in efficiently and properly utilizing the OSG.

2011 OSG Summer School was educational and fun. I highly recommend 2011 OSG Summer School for everyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the OSG and making connections with fellow students from around the world. Whether you're part of operations to support the OSG or a scientist in search of better ways to handle your data, there's a lot to be gained from attending the 2011 OSG Summer School.

-Alain Deximo

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