Tuesday, November 1, 2011

EGI Technical Forum

Wrote this for the OSG Newsletter, but thought it would be good to drop here also.

Henry Kissinger famously asked, “Who do I call if I want to call Europe?” I was reminded of this quote when I attended the EGI Technical forum in Lyon, France and then visited CERN in September. While I don’t need to call Europe as a whole, as Operations Coordinator for OSG I may need to contact any one of the 30+ National Grid Infrastructures (NGI) that make up the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) in times of an operational crisis.

Accompanied by Scott Teige the OSG Operations Technical Lead, we presented material on both technical and personal communications between OSG, WLCG, and EGI including Global Grid User Support System (GGUS) ticket synchronization, availability and reliability reporting, Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII) information exchange, and various other ways to keep communication channels open between OSG and our European counterparts. We came away with several technical action items from the SAM team. In addition, OSG Operations took a seat as a non-voting member of the EGI Operations Management Board. We are also participating in the WLCG Operations Technical Evaluation Group which will provide input to chart the future activities within the WLCG. We look forward to continued collaboration with WLCG and EGI on an operational level.

~ Rob Quick

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